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"Master and Commander Far Side of the World,"
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"End of the World Research"
"Love Letters to Jason and Sofia"
"Writing the Great American Novel"

"Short Sales and Whole Sales"
"What's Wrong with your Mortgage?"
"Almost Free Air Conditioning"
"Solar 80% Off"
"Make Your Own Video"
"The Saga of Sugar the Cat"
"Silver, Gold, Stocks, Bitcoin, Land or Food?"
"The Next Two Financial Years"
"Find Your Own Voice"
"Mountains in Air"
"Making Mars"
"The New MLM Works"
"Helmet Fire"
"The Takeover"
"Bill Slater, American Hero"
"Kite Aerodynamics"
"The Back Door"
"Monetizing Altruism"

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"Getting to Ten"
"Sleep Smiling"
"Nutrition Revolution"
"Write Your Own Book"

"World Class Negotiation"
"Rebirth of Business"
"The New MLM


The Wind of God ends with the capture of serial murderer and rapist, Jerry Plutus. All's not that simple. He escapes and totally changes his name, appearance and mannerisms. He yearns to become the next Mayor of Chicago because that's where he can acquire serious money - in political graft.

During his escape, he nearly kills Detective Trevor Keeler. Trevor is the dear friend of Christine Wright, his arch-enemy in The Wind of God. She built homes in Chicago for a living but lives to preach the Gospel. She hears God's voice. Christine rushes to Trevor's side and feels impelled to run for Mayor and clean up the city!

Plutus, now self-named Magnus, knows who she is, but not she him!

While ECLIPSE is a sequel, it is a complete story in its own right. You can read the books in any order.

This political thriller is Part One. #2 and #3 are coming.

Free PDF download in honor of Anant.
Email me for a copy.  David@Mktg.Org

Free PDF download in honor of Anant.
Email me for a copy.