Headline, San Diego, July 4

· 18 Women taken to sea at gunpoint.
· Whereabouts unknown.
· Four people killed resisting kidnappers.
· President Orders Navy to conduct Massive Searches.
· Unsuccessful so far.
· Slavery ring suspected.

Crack CIA agents Robert and Christie Mach witness the tragedy and contain more violence. They capture three conspirators. The trail leads to exotic Cape Town, South Africa.

Robert and Christie are trapped by their quarry.
It isn’t slavery at all. The international conspiracy is infinitely worse.

This is the second of five (so far) in the Mach Books series.

Author's note: Coincidentally, I am a master mathematician. After publishing this novel and searching for it on the Internet, I discovered that Melanie Mitchell Ph.D., no known relation to me, has written non-fiction books by the same general title. The coincidence of title and last name is totally unintended. Complexity is a mathematical subject somewhat related to and expanding upon chaos. Don't be disuaded by its scientific rigor. Melanie's books avoid mathematics, mostly and are easy to read. Few good scientists can write. Melanie excels at science and writing.

I commend Melanie's excellent books to you. I read them with glee and enjoyed their insights. Have you ever wondered why a flock of birds all will suddenly wheel and fly a different direction or trillions of neurons in a brain will organize to form thoughts? I have. I 'live' there. Melanie, if you read this, I wonder if Complexity Science will organize itself into a discipline. I hope so.

Read Melanie's wonderful book and be fascinated by insights that span molecules to galaxies, biology to economics. Click here. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0199798109 paperback or http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B002SAUBWC Kindle

Sincerely, WIll David Mitchell

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