Dr. Bob Cook and David have finished a breakout novel entitled, "End of the World : Israel's Future Headlines." It is with a famed editor undergoing a final polish.

A YouTube.Com video is planned, watching a Russian MiG-35 disappearing before your eyes, as it flies low level over Egypt.  Shades of Klingon and Romulan stealth!

Intrigued?  You should be.  Bob and David are consummate researchers of details.

You can look for the book on Amazon.Com the end of February, 2012.

This book, like others by David, gives its main characters their own websites and blogs.  You can converse with the heroes and even the villains, just as if they were real people.

The amazing nutrition researcher, Tank Kobarg has written "Essential Nutrition" for you.  He asked David to co-write and edit the work, and it's finished and ready for publication this month.

An audio version is available.

Want to live longer?
Go to http://EssNu.Com for your copy. 

It is a seminal work and will probably save your life.

Look for it about March 1st, 2012.

Have you heard of the concept of Parallel Universes?  They are real, just not in the spooky way of science fiction. You read about them all the time.  One universe is named "fact" and that's where you live.  The other one is named "fiction" and that's where a novel's characters live.

Accordingly, a website for Robert and Christie Mach, the arch protagonists of The Room bOmb, is up and running.  It's your interface between the universe named "fiction" and yours, named "non-fiction."

At that website portal, you can actually email and blog with Robert and Christie, as well as three other main characters:  Gordon Roth, Jamila Zenobia and Storm Endsley.

On request, you can even interface with various villains, but they won't be considering themselves villains, so expect a good argument.

David has published yet another title for your enjoyment, all in Kindle.  That's four in twelve days.

The latest, "Flash Points" is a novel about two leading candidates for the governorship of California. They fall in love, pledge a non-maligning campaign, and date publicly, to the delight of the world watching two people in love. One will win and the other will be "First Spouse."

It's a novel about what goes on in the backrooms and closed doors of politics, the intrigue, the bargaining, the negotiation, the positioning for power, and the very public side of politics. You will be surprised about who does what and why.

As alwalys, David answers all email personally.


David released "Complexity" about midnight and went to bed. Around 8 the next morning, he received a call from the Dream Center in Los Angeles, requesting a donation to assist their work fighting Human Trafficking at around 100 centers worldwide.

David didn't know they existed.  They didn't know the book existed.

Guess what the core of "Complexity" is.  It's Human Trafficking.

The amazing Jim Tapscott gave me the idea for the ending.

Obviously, David bought and sent them the first copy.

Next, he rewrote the dedication to them and republished the book.

The book begins with two crack CIA agents being unable to thwart the kidnapping of 18 women from the crowded grandstand watching 4th of July fireworks at Mission Beach in San Diego. The trail leads to Africa. It's much more sinister and evil than slavery.


Mach 6 is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's the third of the Mach Books series.

My dear friend Francis Tapscott passed away on 1-12-2012, the day I submitted Mach 6  to the publisher.  She loved a good aviation yarn and I had dedicated the book to  her.  I hoped to get her a copy, but I couldn't do so.  I'll see her again, of course, vibrant, alive in Heaven, and I'll read her the book that was for her.

You can buy a copy for a dollar by clicking the cover.

How To (Be A) Genius : Trkcking Yourself to be Smarter went online today, for a mere $2.99 in Kindle format.

This book shows that geniuses are more made than born. They have a different way of looking at problems, and a different way of seeking solutions. I have broken down the processes that geniuses use to find solutions. Basically, I codified the process of Being A Genius. It goes like this:

Seek the impossible limits and attack those. Anyone can handle the rest, so let them. Concentrate your vast mental energy on things more worthy of you.

When you find an impossibility, then shout "Hallelujah" and work there. This book details, step by step, how to work there. For one thing, pretend that limitation doesn't exist and see what the world would look like in that case.

Usually, it leads to another limit, and disregarding that one leads to another, until an easily solved limit appears, and the whole problem falls apart, as the solution shouts itself into existence.

Valentine's Day

A bit of a Valentine's Day present for you.

Thank you so very much for inspiring me to make
Mach-6 available in paperback. It's a large undertaking, but well worth it to please you. I received the 'galley proof' Friday and the quality is excellent. It will be fully ready by March 1st.

It will sell for a whopping $9.95 plus a few dollars for shipping, and it will arrive about five business days after you order it. If you want it faster, I've arranged for 1-day-air and 2-day-ground shipping.

As you may know, I believe in pictures to enhance text. Printing a book in full color is about $17 more expensive, total around $27 plus shipping, so to keep your costs down, the black-and-white version is available. That means black-and-white inside like nearly any novel, but with a quality color cover of course.

Please accept my warmest thanks for inspiring me to do this.