Book, War Spying and Flying

"A Breathtaking, Christian Book of Titanic Proportions!"

     War, Spying and Flying is a Christian book of fiction.

     Jeopardous spying, genuine combat flying and the passion of the century sweep you to an exotic place in history.

     Fighter pilot and CIA officer, Robert Mach, desperately loves Christie, his wingman's wife, but it's a matter of being 'pure and chaste from afar.'

     A hot-rodded MiG-21FX shoots down his wingman and Robert kills the MiG. He doesn't know the pilot's sister is Chiang Trinh, the assassin and spy mistress who lords a third of the Asian drug trade, even when his next CIA assignment is to smash her network. She knows who he is and has vowed vengeance.

     Wounded, Robert returns to romance the enchantress he loves, with deadly Chiang a day behind. 

     The reader knows Vicki's war-torn, turncoat husband will return from the dead.

     Authentic espionage and combat flying. War, Spying and Flying is by one of the few USAF pilots ever to be photographed in a MiG-21 cockpit.

     First in the Mach Books series.


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