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The Seduction of

Governor Dare's Baby Dies at Five Months of Age.

Not just any child, but the healthy, vibrant daughter of California Governor Dare.
Not for any common reason, but because of a prescription gone very wrong.
It was 100% preventable. 
Little Chloe Dare is not the first, nor the last.
It must be stopped.

Governor Dare taps Tank and Patti Kobarg of Houston to lead a covert team of experts.
Their charter is to rebalance the undue influence pharmaceutical companies wield over physicians.
They are uprooting an astonishing trail of crime.
There is at least one impossible murder that baffles California's finest.

The State of California becomes convinced that innocent Patti killed one physician, and possibly three more.
It's a frameup, but the mystery within a mystery within a mystery remains: who's killing doctors and why?

Welcome to the second in the Dare Books series, political thrillers, this one in the style of incomparable Agatha Christie.

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