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Essential Nutrition

Years in the making, painstaking decades in the research, the long awaited and eagerly sought work by Tank Kobarg, entitled "Essential Nutrition" is finally availalble, and it's available right here.

Essential Nutrition explains the reasons that, like nearly all bodies on earth, your body is crying for the minerals necessary to life. It cries out in innumerable ways that medical science calls "disease."

As Nobel-winning Dr. Linus Pauling, of the Salk Institute in San Diego wrote, "All diseases can be traced to mineral deficiencies."

"Essential Nutrition" does not tabulate all disease caused by lack of minerals. That research may never be complete. If you follow the tightly researched evidence in "Essential Nutrition," you will live longer, and you will feel much better doing it.

The enhanced lives of Tank, Patti and their tens of thousands of friends and associates offer indisputable proof that powerful mineral supplements enhance life in every way.

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