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Arthur Dare and Susan Aragon, political rivals for the California Governorship fall in love at the start of their campaigns. They pledge a clean campaign that sticks strictly to the issues, knowing it's all but impossible. They oppose each other on most political issues. Perhaps opposites do attract. 
Their romance catipults them from also-ran to front-runner status. When they meet for papparazi covered dates, and along the political trail, the candidates debate the major issues facing California. They actually agree on some things, but neither is afraid to oppose the other, and neither fears political bosses, or even the public. Refreshingly, they say and do what they believe is right for California. Behind the scenes, their organizations cause each other vast trouble, driving the candidates apart. It’s hard to contain their passionate staffs. Unauthorized mud flies. 
There is far more at stake than mere issues. Powerful, national, criminal forces abound, seeking to make thousands of billions. First, California will have to elect the ‘right’ governor, not one of this new pair of romantics. Developers covet the land occupied by a large city’s downtown airport. Secret international energy forces oppose drilling rights and solar and wind farms that might harm wildlife. A mastermind, who is a US Senator, may have been caught committing a murder in a limo, via a traffic vivilante’s camera, or was it really him? 
Flash Points opens locked doors and takes you behind the political scenes, into the intrigue and major deal making inherent there. Nothing political happens by coincidence. 
So, who will be Governor and who will be First Spouse? At the last debate, Susan is slightly ahead, but she commits political suicide and then rips out a speech that may save the day. “Sweet fancy mother of Moses, she does have a flair for the dramatic!” a national commentator exclaims on TV. Even Arthur stands to applaud her. They figure they will be about ten votes apart in November. 
Will David Mitchell, author, loves answering every one of your emails personally. He even answers for his characters, adopting their points of view. His characters get websites and email addresses, to help flesh out the book and keep its size manageable. 
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