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“Really! You can become a Genius!”  
I’m emphatic on the point, and I’m addressing you, no matter who you are. 
“Impossible,” you say.  
“Not so! Not at all,” I reply. “However, if you say ‘Impossible,’ that’s why you have not become a genius yet. ‘Everyone says’ it’s impossible. “On the other hand, that’s why you can do it.” 
“Yeah. Right. Sure,” You say. “Everyone knows you can’t change your IQ. Well, maybe a few points, but that’s not enough to be a genius. Reality check Mitch! I’m just a bit above the average of 100 and a genius is, well, way above that. Everyone knows you can’t change your IQ,” you say. 
I agree with you. “Yep, that’s what ‘everyone’ knows, and that’s precisely why you have not become an inventive genius so far. 
“Impossible is also why you can do it, and I’m going to show you how, if you want to read on. 
“By the way, positive thinking won’t do the trick. You’ve tried that, and it didn’t make you a genius. Okay, it made you feel better, and it brightened your life, and it even helped you achieve things you otherwise would not, but that was all.” 
That’s also why you’ll probably stop reading right here. You think this is just another rosy-glasses, positive-thinking, whitewashed and varnished, superficial, upbeat uptake on reality. Reality is reality, and no whitewashing can change it. 
Actually, I’ll soon be asking you to focus on the negative, not the positive. This is anything but another treatise on positive thinking. Nor is it one on raising your IQ a few points.  
I will want you focus on the negative, but to do that in a brand new way.  
This is a radical idea that will (not can) make you an inventive genius, unless you choose otherwise. It’s radical because it’s impossible, and the very fact that it’s impossible is the key to why it always works. The knowledge is so ancient and profound that it's Scriptural. 
“This is nonsense,” you say. 
I agree that it’s nonsense – which is precisely why it works so superlatively well for the very few (geniuses) who do it instinctively. They practice the keys herein, often without knowing why. They only know the results, not the why or how of the matter. 
By learning the why and the how of ‘Geniusing,’ you can become a Genius. It is something you can learn.  
Geniuses, and the world around them believe that somehow they’ve been gifted with inventive genius, and that few others have. Perhaps it’s accurate that they have a gift, but the inaccurate implication is that nobody else is given that gift. 
To discover why it works for them, almost instinctively, and how it can work for you, you must read the rest of this little book.  
Or not. It’s always your choice. 
The ideas herein are so radical that, frankly, I review them personally, every few months, and re-learn from my own book. 
Concise, fun, strewn with examples, you'll either think this book is a delightful romp through the human mind, or so ridiculous you feel you wasted your money. 
Nothing esoteric herein. No deep philosophical thoughts. No heavy psychology. It's practical to its core. 
It has its own website "HowToBecomeAGenius.Com" where you'll find its Blog, Puzzles, Examples, and a place to email the author. I answer every email personally. I want to get to know you. Really! 
Today is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you.