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Revenge must be the ultimate futility. It's like chasing the wind. Jerry Plutus knows. Chasing it, he caught only vapors.

Dangerously deranged from being bullied in high school, Jerry leaves fictional Red Bluff, Illinois for Chicago, broke and broken. He amasses an underworld fortune so he will be able to discharge covert vengeance upon his persecutors.

To escape the Chicago mob, he must first “die.” He murders for a body, and fakes a grandiose suicide, inadvertently injuring Christine Wright. Christine builds houses to live, but lives to preach. God moves her to Red Bluff, to build churches.

So God's woman and Satan's man are pitted against each other, with a small town between them. Neither quite knows who the other is. That is so going to change!

The first of the Wind Books series.