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Terrifying New Class of Weapon Destabilizes Middle East.
o   Russia wants warm water ports for her navy and provokes Mediterranean war.
  Syria has The Room bOmb and Russian vectored thrust tactical missiles.  No plane or tank is safe.
  Israel is on her heels fighting invasion on three fronts. 
o   Top USAF pilots, including Troy and Christie Mach, try to save the day with crucial reconnaissance and by flying scientists to the forefront of the war.
o   Israel will be overrun in about a week.

The Room bOmb's science is like a TV detective show: amazing and realistic. The book is more about Future Science than Science Fiction, showing a world that may become.

Interwoven are two tender romances, but no swearing, gore or explicit sex. No apologies. The book is better for that. You can give it to anyone without guilt.

As a scientist and retired Air Force pilot, I believe that the semi-mythical Aurora has flown and has even been retired by newer craft, which look and act like the Mach-6 Spectre, of Mach-6 and The Room bOmb.

While the concept behind The Room bOmb weapon is claimed to violate QED theory, it's not possible to prove QED to be fact. There are serious counter-indications to its veracity, in near-zero mathematical realms of relativity.  Faster-than-light phenomena have been observed. This weapon is entirely possible, in a rudimentary "beam me over, Scotty" sort of way.

If you like speculative science, you'll love this one.

If you like true and honorable, but flawed, heroes vs. truly evil villains with streaks of goodness, you'll love this one too.  My friend Steve didn't like it but, he has only liked two Tom Clancey books.

Best, it's $3.49 in Kindle and if you like it, there are others in the Mach Books series, with many more coming quickly. The Room bOmb is fourth of five. This is a long book, so you really get a lot of entertainment for your money.  Its characters reappear in the Maiyan Nation series.

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