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Troy and Christie Mach are top USAF pilots, and crack CIA spies. Marriage gives them certain covert advantages, such as, who'd expect husband and wife agents?

They really know how to love - their kids, their friends, the USA, aviation, pioneering a new industry - and each other.
                Okay, they still struggle with that.

     Mach 6 is their plum assignment after a heroic encounter told in the book Complexity. Nearly everyone in Mach 6 is a spy, a counterspy or a saboteur, swirling around the most secret and desired research on earth, a Mach 6 aircraft. Ian and Vicki, with a team of a thousand, are developing it at super-secret Area-51, Nevada.

     Most nations want the aircraft. Some would go to war to get it, or its plans. A shadowy conspiracy of twelve, with tentacles into the highest levels of many governments covets the technology most of all. Agents are trying to create, protect, steal or destroy what will become a multi-trillion dollar industry – the secret of Mach 6 flight.

(Since publication, NASA has flown classified, unmanned Mach-5.5 aircraft that look amazingly like the manned one on the cover. The 5.5 craft melted critical parts and tumbled out of control to a crash. The X-15A has flown even faster.)

     Husband and wife, Will David Mitchell and Carol L. Mitchell love God. Their books are clean, with no swearing, no explicit sex and no horror. They are better for that. The thrills, the fun and the sweet love are all the more fine tuned. You can gift their books to anyone without wearing a red face. Their characters can be nutty, outrageous, clever and deadly serious, especially when surprised by potent adversaries. Tragedy becomes elation and vice versa. Humor reverses despondency. The innocence of a child begets wisdom. It happens in reality, as readily as in fiction.

     When engineers need something they can’t get, they call it Unobtainium. In Mach 6 such a material is dubbed Non-Existium. It is a rubbery aircraft skin that will withstand the white heat of air friction at hypervelocity. 

(Since the book was released, the metal has been invented in South Korea and NASA has flight tested it with hingeless flaps.)

     In the book, teams have to invent it. Even if they can, how can they keep Mach 6 air from blowing out the flame in any jet engine that also can run at takeoff and landing speeds? This book may have given NASA some ideas for that. In the 21 st century, who really needs an aircraft tail or windows?

(That's now happening in RPV drones.)

     How do you prevent the hinges for landing gear doors, flaps and ailerons from burning away? What kind of fuel can power the craft for 90 minutes flying from San Francisco to Paris, Moscow, Bejing or Tokyo?

(It's real and it's called JP-7 fuel.)

     And, how do two top spies and top pilots keep their loved ones secure while the world’s smartest and most potent adversaries focus everything on destroying them? How, indeed, when those enemies might even have private nukes on US soil? It will be interesting to find out how they succeed, if they do.

     This is the third volume of four in the Mach Books series ( Audaz, Complexity, Mach 6 and The Room bOmb.) There are more! Well, that lets the cat out of the bag. Troy and Christie do survive Mach 6 and reappear in The Room bOmb, and Maiyan Nation' already published.

o  If you’re a spy or have been one,
o  if you’ve experienced the kind of romance that Troy and Christie Mach know so well,
o  if you’ve flown high-Mach aircraft at the edge of space,
o  if you have worked in secret at Area-51,
o  if you’ve been at the high levels of a team pioneering a whole industry from scratch,

you’ll find ‘Mach 6’ eerily familiar.

If you have not, then ‘Mach 6’ is a first-person spree into all those turbulent worlds.

     Do enjoy a tale as strong as a hawser, twisted of ropes, twisted of strings, twisted of threads, twisted of black widow webs.