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Pearl Harbor Day, 1984. Kaveh Hussein, son of Saddam flees for his life through Baghdad. He has become a Christian in a Muslim country.

The same day, US Army officer Dirk Masters steals a suitcase atomic weapon in Germany, vowing white-hot revenge on the terrorists who slew his twin girls. The Army doesn't know it's gone.

As time passes, Kaveh becomes a top computer scientist specializing in cyber warfare and viruses. He finds one that has been unleashed on the US, which cripples American infrastructure. Inadvertently tipping off the perpetrators, he is framed and hunted like a wild boar by the police and people trying to kill him.

Dirk locates Butrus, the terrorist leader who murdered his daughters and drops his bomb from a stolen helicopter. It's easy to see that the weapon is American.

With Saddam gone, a son has risen to power in Iraq, using the virus to deny the US fuel to fight a war. He unites the Arabic countries trying to force the US out of that hemisphere. Unfortunately, he has been too successful and the entire US economy is in ruins. The President only has a nuclear option left, to save the United States from oblivion.

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