Photo: HMS Surprise, seen in the movie 
"Master and Commander Far Side of the World,"
Now in San Diego bay.  Photo by Author

Published by Intellectual Properties SD, LLC, San Diego, California, USA

Headline, San Diego, July 4
· 18 Women taken to sea at gunpoint.
· Whereabouts unknown.
· Four people killed resisting kidnappers.
· President Orders Navy to conduct Massive Searches.
· Unsuccessful so far.
· Slavery ring suspected.

Crack CIA agents Ian and Vicki Utz witness the tragedy and are the keys to containing more violence. They capture three conspirators. The trail leads to Cape Town, South Africa.
It isn’t slavery at all. The conspiracy is infinitely worse.


This is the second of four (so far) in the Mach Books series.

Greater details are available at  http://WillDavidMitchell.Com , where most of my books reside.
I establish websites for my books, and also individual websites for my main characters. There, you can have a good time actually corresponding with the fictional characters, and learn their unique viewpoints of the story, via the conduit of my keyboard.
I answer all emails personally, and would love to hear from you.

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